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    change a color to transparent.


      Lets say i have a black pen inked drawing of some complex object, drawn on a white background.


      If i want to change the white to transparent, currently the only way i know is to export it to gif and changeing the white color to transparent in the process.

      After the export, i can import the result and i now have what i wanted.


      There are a few problems tho.

      1) what if there are more than 256 colors?

      2) what if the image was scanned and there is a tolerance to the white that i want to convert?


      I cannot use any of the marquee tools as the object is to complex.

      There must be a way to do what i want.

      I am at the beginnings of my fireworks learning curve, but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this.


      Thank You


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          Panos Zygopoulos Level 3

          Hi JerryCied


          As far as i know there isn't an easy way to achive this.

          When your object is too complex, you have to make it through, mostly by hand.


          - Use the marque tools and the properties panel to make changes to the edge style.

            Use either anti-alias or feather for a smoother result.


          - Use the polygon and lasso tools to be more accurate when you cut your object.


          - Take the risk and use the eraser tool to delete every single pixel that you don't need.


          - Make changes through the filters panel to your object, so it reaches the look that you wish.


          Take a look at the  'R'  tools (blur, dodge etc). Maybe you can use them too.


          For example you could use blur tool to make a smoother edge.


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            Linda Nicholls Level 4

            Apply the Convert to Alpha filter. Filters > Other > Convert to Alpha.

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