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    Running headers and interactive links

    maguskrool Level 1



      I made this book in InDesign CS4 and I'm now converting it into an interactive presentation. I've included a running header in my master page and I'm trying to have it work as interactive breadcrumbs. The running header shows the title of the current chapter, and clicking on it should jump to the first page of that chapter. I've been trying to learn more about hyperlinks, bookmarks and other ways to move around the content, but can't seem to find a way to build a variable link in the master page, one that changes to match the running header.


      Is this even possible? Perhaps with some plug-ins or 3rd party software? Is GREP possible for defining variables and are those expressions valid for building links/bookmarks/something?


      *crosses fingers*


      If not, then perhaps I could do with a script that I would run when I finished the project, and it would search all running headers and build the links accordingly.


      I appreciate all the help you can give me on this  one, thanks.