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    Apply a mask or something to an image with a white backgroung.

    JerryCied Level 1



      This is my second post today.

      In this post, I am trying to figure out how to apply a background texture or image to go behind another image.


      The foreground image is to complex to pick out all the pixels using the marquee tools that i want to consider as background.

      But it is all mostly one color, white.


      Consider an image that is a ink pen sketch using many colors but being a pen sketch, it has lots and lots of paper background.

      Lets say it is scanned into the computer. Right away the white background is a few hundred almost white colors.

      All i want to do is create a paper styled rectangle and place it underneath the ink, thus replace the paper with my own paper.


      I have tried placeing the rectangle on top of the image and useing "overlay" Fuzzy light" and all those filters. Some come close but they all seem to either loose the paper quality or affect the colored ares too much.


      I have also tried exporting as gif with indexed transparency but i want alpha blend aliasing and 32 bit color.

      What i want is as if i used the magic wand and clicked on a white area, and instead of just the current section getting selected, i want all the similar colored ares to be selected as well.