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    contents of a text below a number = do an event *but advanced


      Alright first off what I'm using


      Windows XP

      Director 11.0


      Here is the idea: I want to have a threshold for the contents of a field to have an alert if it goes below a number.  Lets call the field 'TemperatureDATA' .  I want to know if the text of 'TemperatureDATA' goes below '45' and if so play a sound.  Well that's easy with the use of an 'if statement' -- I need help making it a little more advanced.  In a scenario where the sound would play, but would not play again if the text of member 'TemperatureDATA' goes above and back below '45' within the period of 600 seconds (or 10 minutes)


      Lets call the sound 'TempAlertVoice'


      So to be clear of what I am looking to do. I added the following time frame (below) as an example of a scenario, so you can visualize what I am looking to do



      At 9:00 AM text of member 'TemperatureDATA'  goes below '45' = Lingo would play a sound

      At 9:09 AM text of member 'TemperatureDATA'  goes below '45'  = do nothing (because 10 minutes has not passed yet)

      At 9:11 AM text of member 'TemperatureDATA'  goes below '45'  = Lingo would play a sound



      Usage of script: I intend to have the script on say frame 60. *(In a movie that loops from frame 1 to 60). So the code has to be capable of setting a 'timer' on frame 60 if the sound plays so it won't play again within 10 minutes *this as the movie still playing and to loop back to frame 1. and then be read again once back on frame 60. I added this additional information to best explain the project/ Hope this last part is not to confusing  


      So I would guess you would use an 'if statement'

      As well as a timer ?