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    read out loud, adding audio, access, TeX

    Maesumi Level 1

      I want to prepare online math course material for visually impaired.


      1) Best approach seems to be to personally read the material and save/attach audio files to small sections of text. Is this possible with the free Adobe Reader? Is there documentation/examples to be found? Is it possible to make Reader scroll the text as it reads it and advance to the next paragraph.



      2) Need math examples of  TeX /LaTeX/PDFLaTeX  where PDF output is correctly read by ROL. I can only make ROL read it when I ask ROL to read the whole page, otherwise it only reads partial words, one word per each click and it always leaves out the last letter of each word. (instead of "one" it reads "on").

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          Maesumi Level 1

          To add audio to a PDF file some hint is provided here


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            I'm writing a language course for distribution as a pdf. The material  has been put together in MS Word and then coverted to pdf using Acrobat  X. Interspersed within the text are small speaker symbols. The idea is  that the student clicks on the speaker symbol to hear an embeded audio  file.


            Acrobat X lets me create an embeded link easily  enough but when the pdf is subsequently opened clcking on a speaker  symbol brings up the launching external mp3 player executable warning.


            That's  fine because ticking the 'Do Not Show This Message Again' box means  that it only happens once - but only for the current session. The  annoying thing is that if I close the reader and re-open it, whilst it  remembers where I was in the document it doesn't remember that lanching  an external mp3 player has been permitted.


            Is there any way around this problem?