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    Gifs and Image Ready -> CS4


      Hello there,


      I am user of Photoshop CS4!

      And I recently tryed to open an animated gif File.


      Photoshop tells me it can´t open all frames.

      And this is where the Problem is.


      Fortunatly, i have CS2 on a seperate computer aswell.

      So I decided to open that very same gif File in Imageready, and then put it back into Photoshop.

      What a suprise those frames are back!


      WOW! But whats wrong with CS4? Can´t I do this with CS4?

      There must be a way to get the Job done without using another old computer with old software on it.

      Like adding the extract Filter in CS4 from CS3 just by placing a little file in the presets folder. ;-)


      I´ll be realy happy if you have any suggestions.