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    General flashgame question


      Hi there!

      In the past I have on numerous occasions tried to create flashgames without really knowing actionscript and in most cases gave up on them because of just how messy the flash file got(bits of code spread all over different movieclip instances, mcs in other mcs, no use of classes etc.).


      But now i have managed to learn the basics of actionscript and willing to give this game-development thing another go, so my question is this; How do i organize my flashgame in the best way?


      Take for example a relativley simple platformer game, when you press the arrow keys the character moves around the screen(no scrolling), he can jump, stand and land on platforms and the goal of the game is to get to the goal while avoiding traps, enemies and pits. When you reach the goal an animation plays and you are then transported to the next level.


      How would I go about making a game like this? I mean the layout and not the coding and such. Should i keep each level of the game on a seperate frame on the main timeline? Should I put each of the levels in it's own movieclip? How and when should i use classes? In short, How should I organize my flashgames?


      Any links to tutorials surrounding this matter are also well welcome.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you might try doing is to build yourself a 1 level version of this game first.  See what you come up with and then try to figure out what elements of it need to be encapsulated as separate pieces and what form of encapsulation makes better sense.  Some may be purely code-based while other may be symbols and other object types.  MAybe you'll find that you can generate new levels dynamically rather than having fixed levels stored in the file.  Don't look for a fully evolved game on your first shot at it... take the first shot and see what it leads to.

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