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    VBAsript to make pdf-files from excel


      I tried the script from the topic


      and adjusted a little bit to


      Sub adobeExample()
      Dim Xlapp 'Excel
      Dim wb 'le classeur
      Set Xlapp = CreateObject("Excel.application")
      Xlapp.Visible = False
      Set wb = Xlapp.Workbooks.Open("h:\test pdf.xls")
      wb.Sheets(1).PrintOut , , , , "Adobe PDF", True, , "c:\MJB\essai.ps"
      wb.Close False
      Dim dis 'distiller app
      Dim ps 'le fichier ps
      Set dis = CreateObject("PdfDistiller.PdfDistiller")
      dis.FileToPDF "c:\MJB\essai.ps", "c:\MJB\essai.pdf", ""
      Set wb = Nothing
      Set Xlapp = Nothing

      End Sub


      The sript stops at the red line saying " ActiveX component can't create object"


      I work with Excel2003SP3, with adobe pdf maker 6.0(this addin works fine)

      and my printers installed are AcrobatPDF and Acrobat Distiller.

      Acrobat reader 8.0 and Acrobat 6.0 Professional installed as well


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance