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    Quality issues on TV screen after export


      Hi there,

      Sorri if this is a noob question...

      In premiere I have imported an .avi  (lossless. via after effects) and then exported using Adobe media encoder.


      When I have viewed this on tv its very 'bitmapped' and tends to flicker.


      Not sure what settings to use... as this will be used on TV I need them to be as good as possible.

      The footage is around 5 mins and needs to fit on a 1gig cf card.


      please help, Im desperate.




      Format: MPEG2

      Range: Entire Sequence

      Preset: custom


      Video Codec: MainConcept MPEG VIdeo

      Quality: 5
      TV Standard: PAL
      Frame: 720 x 576
      fps: 25
      Field order: lower
      Pixel aspect: standard 4:3
      profile: main
      Level: main
      Bitrate Encoding: CBR
      Bitrate(mbps): 12
      GOP Settings
      MFrames: 3
      Nframes: 12
      closed gop: 0
      autoGOP: unchecked


      C att for settings in premiere.


      Many thanks,