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    AIR OS X Feedback


      Please have the window of the Air app close when clicking the "x" on the window frame in OS X, not quit the application. I understand that terminating the app when clicking the "x" is typical Windows/Linux behavior, but it is not OS X behavior. Please make Air apps running in OS X behave this way.

      Also, Air app UIs are quite "stiff". Compare scrolling and selecting tweets in the Cocoa app "Twitterrific" with the Air app "Twhirl". Twhirl is extremely stiff and feels laggy. If there is a way to make Air apps more "fluid" it would be much appreciated.

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          I believe that you can change the behaviour of the application auto exiting by using 'air.NativeApplication.autoExit=false'.

          However it is not altogether true to say that all applications remain open once all windows belonging to that application have been closed. For example 'System Preference' does, as does 'Network Utility' and a number of other utility applications. I guess it kind of depends on what the application does and what it's expected interactions would be.

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            Triconium Level 1

            You're right. Some apps do quit on termination of the window, but I was speaking in general. Most apps require you to quit them. This should apply to most Air apps. If this behavior can be set via "air.NativeApplication.autoExit=false", it would make more sense if Air defaulted this value depending on the platform.

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              I love the fact that AIR apps are closing when I hit the X under OSX. Makes much more sense for me, bcz I too often hit "x" button on a window and then need to show the dock, right click and choose 'quit' ...
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                Triconium Level 1
                While I respect your difference in opinion, it simply is inconsistent with how OS X apps behave. If Air apps are supposed to supposed to bridge the gap between desktop apps and RIAs, they need to behave like their desktop counterparts. Thus, it makes no sense for an Air app on OS X to behave like a Windows app.
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                  Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
                  This question about auto-exit behavior is a good one. I've taken the liberty of explaining why it works the way it does at http://blogs.adobe.com/simplicity/2008/09/why_air_applications_auto-exit.html as I think others may also be interested.

                  As for scrolling behavior, AIR can enable smooth scrolling but it can't enforce it. If Twhirl is stiff, I'd look at the application itself, first. In particular, the application may have its frame rate set on the low side.