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    Adobe Reader Version 9.1.1 - Unable to close Adobe Reader.


      Using Firefox Version 3.0.10, under Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition 32-bit, patched as of today.

      I open a pdf file, Adobe Reader opens a new window, I can read/print pdf file.

      I select "Close" (Red X in upper right hand corner.) nothing happens.

      I select "File", select "Exit".

      An Adobe Reader message window pops up with "This action cannot be performed from within an external window.".

      I select "OK" message window goes away, but Adobe Reader is still there.

      I then closed Firefox.

      Try to close Adobe Reader again with the same results.

      Reboot the system.

      Open Firefox, select another web site, open a pdf, read/print pdf file.

      Try to close Adobe Reader, same results.

      This started after Adobe Reader was updated to version 9.1.1.

      Any ideas?

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          Nuucp Level 1

          It looks like ZoneAlarm Security Suites product Force Field with Virtualization Enabled may have something to do with strange behaviour.

          When I just open pdf files that are on the local machine, I don't have a problem, just on remote systems.

          I already know ZoneAlarm Support will blame this on Adobe Readers most recent update, since it worked with the previous version of Adobe Reader.

          Any ideas?