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    Downloading assets from the server in AIR

    capsheetal Level 1

      I want to download some assets from the server while i am installing
      my AIR app.I do not want the assets to be included in the project but
      to call the server while downloading and installing the application.I
      will store them on the local drive.This means i wont be writing code
      for this in the project.But some modifications while installing or
      downloading the app. itself.
      Please share your ideas.

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          Jeff Swartz Level 3

          The AIR Installer cannot install assets that are not included in the AIR file. However, upon first run, the application itself can download assets and save them to the application storage directory (or to another location on the file system). However, these assets are not in the application security sandbox. So all content that includes code that requires AIR application privileges should be installed with the application.