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    Actionscript Disappearing: "Unregistered Version"



      I am working with FLAs created by another developer. The swfs are live and working. What happens when I open the FLAs and publish from Flash Cs4 is this:


      The actionscript is not in the action window.
      In it's place is this: // Warning: in this unregistered version, no Action Script will be generated while exporting the FLA.
      The SWFs do not work, all actions are removed.


      Note: I am not using any compilers, etc. although I do have a trial of Swish installed. I just recently installed and started using CS4.


      When I called Adobe, they confirmed that my version of CS4 is registered correctly, and advised me to simply remove the warning text, and re-write the actions. This is not an option, as I have hundreds of FLAs to edit, and I KNOW the code was in there and working before I opened the FLAs in CS4.


      Anyone know what could be happening here?


      I would so appreciate any assistance. Thank you thank you thank you in advance!