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    Event is unavailable??????

    Mohd Fayaz Level 1

      I have defined a custom Event called SwitchToMonitorTab in action script and have dispatched the same in a component "Componenet1" as follows:


           var e:SwitchToMonitor = new SwitchToMonitor("Acura","goToMonitorTab");


      I have defined the following MetaData tag as well;






      However, in the instantaion of Component1 (in another component ), when I try to listen to this event It is giving the following error


                          Event type 'event:SwitchToMonitor' is unavailable


      I am instantiating the Componenet1, something like this:


      <Component1 width="40%" height="140" x="5" y="93" goToMonitorTab="gotoMonitorTab(event)"/>    // The error is on this line


      Please someone help me out on this issue?

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          Try making sure your metadata's type attribute specifies the fully qualified package name of the event.




          Is the SwitchToMonitor event class really just in the event package, in the src/event/ folder of your project?


          Ben Edwards