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    Port issues


      Perhaps someone here can provide direction and/or advice. I'm running some flex web applications from a server that has both IIS 7 (on port 80) and Apache (on port 8080) installed. The flex swf file runs off IIS but data from the application is served from 8080. I'm using pyamf and python scripts to query an MSSQL database from apache. An unexpected problem I ran into is that one of our clients (as a policy) only opens port 80 on their computers and blocks the 8080 port. They can therefore load the flex app - but the data doesn't get through. Their IT guys are reluctant to open 8080. Any suggestions on how to deal with this.


      I considered swapping the ports on IIS and Apache but some of our asp and .net apps that the client also uses run off IIS. Is there a way to route 8080 traffic on our side through the 80 port?