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    Video renders are getting cut off.

    genoism Level 1

      Hey, I have a strange issue where the last 1-2 seconds are getting cut off in my renders. I've made sure that the in/out points extend to the very end of the video, time ruler and navigator both at the end of the sequence, made sure that at the export window I can see the very end of the video. I'm rendering as a quicktime file, none set as the codec.

      Tried the more obvious such as restarting the computer but no luck. Any ideas? Maybe there's a setting I'm missing...or a preference?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Probably an export setting or insufficient disk room, or another reason. Hard to tell without details. If you forget about Quicktime and use another export format, does it also happen? Quicktime has been knows as Quirkytime.

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            genoism Level 1

            I've combed the export settings thoroughly, I can't for the life of me figure it out. I have about 100gb of space left. I tried rendering a tiny portion of the whole video and it consistently gets cut off at the very end but 1-2 seconds regardless of what my project is. I tried rendering as H264 (mp4) and apparently just now it DID work fine.


            We recently updated the macs with a new OS update. Do you think re-installing quicktime would help or perhaps premeire? Just don't want to go through that hassle if it can be avoided...



            Thanks again!

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              That's what I said: quirky. Can't really advise you Mac's. To me they are weird, costly and limited. Maybe a Mac user can tune in.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Per Harm's earlier comment, can you test an Export to another format? I'd then bring this file into QT-Pro and Export to the desired format. Again, this is just a test.


                Good luck,



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                  genoism Level 1

                  Yea I tested as another format and it worked ok. But its another needless step to go through. I'm thinking it might have been this recent huge mac OS update, like a windows service pack. I just tried reinstalling QT and no go unfortunately.

                  I'm not really sure what to render as that will give me full uncompressed video if not an animation quicktime file.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I agree that one shoud not need a workaround. It was just to test that it could work, though it would provide a method to get a Project out of the door.


                    As to the Mac OS updates, I haven't a clue. In the case of some of the Windows updates, things do get wonky on occasion. This often manifests itself with drivers being rendered obsolete and their needing to be replaced with updated versions.


                    Hopefully, one of the Mac-users will know about the update, and possibly rule that out as a potential cause.


                    Troubleshooting behaviour like this can be an involved process and sometimes one has to fall back on workarounds, until a full solution can be achieved.


                    Good luck, and please report your findings,



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                      genoism Level 1

                      Oh I definitely agree on the work around to get the project out the door. Thats exactly what I'll have to do until I can figure this out. I will try my best to report back should I find any solutions or more info about the problem. Thanks again.

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                        genoism Level 1

                        Ok so I've found a simpler workaround. All my videos previously ended with a 'black video' created in premiere (file>new>black video). That seems to have been the cause for whatever reason. I just replaced it with a black jpg and it rendered out fine. Kinda silly that something so simple cannot function properly.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Great! I did not think to ask about the Black Video. There have been some other posts, here or in other fora, that mentioned this. Dang, I just forgot about that.


                          Sorry, and glad that you found that. Seems that the "synthetic" media (the Black Video here) can cause some problems. Not sure how many formats it might affect, as I just cannot recall details of the other posts now. Anyway, thanks for refreshing my memory and most of all reporting back. I *think* that this will now be imprinted on my brain.



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                            genoism Level 1

                            Just a small update on the issue. I wasn't personally editing the video, just a fellow co-worker. He 'thought' the black jpg worked...apparently it did not. I decided instead to make a 2 second black video quicktime file in AE and tried it out myself and THAT worked.


                            I assume it must have something to do with the latest Mac OS update(along with all other adobe products fully updated) because we've never had this is before.

                            As for more info on the topic, it seems it(quicktime codec) considers black video in premeire as a 1 frame sort of deal ONLY IF its at the very end of the sequence. Same thing with any jpeg at the end of a sequence, it treats it like a 1 frame deal regardless of how long you actually have it extended. This of course, again, only works if its at the very end of the sequence...


                            Hope that info will help adobe fix this....or whoever is at fault(is this even the right place to post this "bug"?)

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Thank you for the clarification on the black JPG. I looked for the post, that contained reference to all "synthetic video," but never found it. You have proviided others with a very useful bit of info. In that other thread, it *seems* that the OP, or a respondent, did the same thing - create an Asset from Black Video and Export/Import into the Project.


                              Since I almost always add ~ 02 sec. of Black Video to each Sequence, I'm takin' notes. Have not experienced this issue (that I know of), but think that I'll manufacture an Exported 02 sec. video and use that instead of the "synthetic" Black Video. I'll just stick it into my Stock Footage folder and always Import that. Maybe I have been losing a couple of frames and never realized it, though I almost always output to DVD.


                              Appreciated, and thanks for updating the thread,



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                                fuaho Level 1

                                You'll also find that there are problems with the Universal Leader and all of the "synthetic" creations.


                                Best bet is to (as you've done with "black") create real versions of these and then import them as needed. I've made a variety of *.avi exports of bars & tone, Leader, black etc., in different sizes for different projects and simply use them when needed.


                                Also, if you go crossplatform from FCP to Premiere using XML, be certain to use real black internally for fades, etc or PrPro will drive you crazy with crashes.