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    Renaming RH8 project under VSS control.

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      Hello All!


      My problem is that most of my projects were created in RH X5 and there are project directories and image files with spaces in the names. This never seemed to be a problem with X5.

      But now we are in the process of updating our various projects to RH8 and the spaces in directories and files has created a huge time consuming problem that I am sorting through project-to-project.

      Now I have found some RH projects with RH project-generated files (xpj, syn, stp, ppf, phr, ign, hhk, hhc, glo, brs, ali) that have spaces because the projects were initially created with spaces in the names.


      I tried to just do a file>rename, but the rename option is greyed out in the menu. I opened several projects and it appears to be the same across the board--the rename option is unavailable for any projects in VSS.


      Just to be sure, I created a new project ("test project" with a space in the name) NOT under VSS and was able to rename to "test_project" with no problem.


      Is it possible to rename RH8 projects when they are under Visual Source Safe?


      If spaces in file names are bad in RH8, then I'm assuming that spaces in the project-generated files are also bad.

      Can anyone advise me in this situation?

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          MergeThis Level 4

          Since RH 8 uses several different project files from X5, you'd be best to simply start a new branch in RSC for the new RH 8 projects (after you've renamed them).


          I think your process should go like this (others will chime in if I don't have it quite right):

          1. In X5, "Get" the old X5 project (source files).
          2. In Win Explorer, make a copy and paste it in a new location.
          3. In X5, open that copied project and File > Rename Project. Also delete any topics that won't be needed in the RH 8 project.
          4. In your new location, open a new RH 8 project.
          5. In that new RH 8 project, import all the .htm files (and images, etc.) from the newly renamed X5 copy (from step 5).
          6. In RH 8, Add everything to a new location in RSC.



          Good luck,


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            DebWriter Level 1

            Thanks for responding, Leon.


            Unfortunately, we upgraded the X5 license to RH 8 and can no longer use X5.


            Also, I was a bit confused on the instructions in RSC, since I am using VSS.

            Does VSS work through RSC?


            I've been thinking about this problem I have with spaces in file names....I know how to eliminate them from my image files and directories, so no problem there--it's just time consuming, but I know it has to be done. Now I'm wondering if it is REALLY a bad thing to have spaces in those RH-generated files (like xpj).  RH8 does allow projects to be created with spaces in them which results in those RH-generated files having spaces in them.


            So on one hand, the RH Help says no spaces in file names/paths and on the other hand, it will create file names with spaces when the project is created that way! Does anyone know if spaces in RH-generated files (like xpj) are really a problem? Maybe I'm trying to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed.


            Thx, Deb

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              MergeThis Level 4

              Yes, it allows you to use spaces, but it generally is not good practice. Some servers will interpret the space as something like "%20%," which is obviously not good, because all links get busted.


              Sorry, I assumed RSC, but the steps would be the same for either product. And no, VSS doesn't work through RSC; it's either one or the other.