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    Editing clips in PE V4


      Using PE V4 and am fairly new to the program although I have studied the booklet and online manuals and practiced for the past several months.  In the timeline, after splitting frames within a clip, and deleting and closing the gap, I find that I have a few residual frames that are NOT visable in the timeline but ARE visable for a split second when I play back the movie.  I have unsuccessfully tried to trim the remaining portions of both the left and right clips, and I have rendered the work space also without success.  My movie is 22 minutes long and comprised of two AVI files combined.  My objective is to join clips of both files to create a new file.  There is no audio, narration or soundtrack but I will be adding a soundtrack once I have the video performing to my satisfaction.  Okay - any expert suggestions?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Do you have a transition on the join? PE4 will use frames that have been "removed" for the transition. In order not to see these you need to trim back more frames from each side of the transition.

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            seaduck Level 1

            Thanks, Paul for the quick response.  It solved my difficulties.  I also tagged myself to receive emails from the forum and, of course, have been inundated with an overflowing inbox.  But, I must confess I have learned a lot in just one day.  You guys are just great. With the wisdom of this forum and moviepix I completed a 20 minute movie with transitions, some effects, and music backgrounds.  And I think it is pretty good -- it is for a navy veterans' organization.  Next, I try to burn a DVD.............we'll see.  Thanks again.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Love to hear the success stories! Great work, Paul!