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    Opening a PopUp in a new NativeWindow with PopUpManager


      Hi everybody !


      I'm stuck with a problem in my application, and after one hour of searching, I can't get my problem solved.

      So here is the deal.


      I'm creating a new NativeWindow in my main application and I load the swf file of my second application in it :


      // ------------------------------------------------



      options:NativeWindowInitOptions = new NativeWindowInitOptions();

      options.systemChrome = NativeWindowSystemChrome.NONE;



      options.type = NativeWindowType.NORMAL;

      historyWindow =

      new NativeWindow(options);

      historyWindow.title =

      'New Window';

      historyWindow.stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;





      var loaderswf:Loader = new Loader();


      new URLRequest("history.swf")); //this is a second MXML Application




      function loadFlash(event:Event):void{



      // ------------------------------------------------


      Then, in this window (so in my 'history' MXML Application), I'm trying to add a TitleBox as a PopUp this way :


      // ------------------------------------------------



      var _window:TitleWindow;





      import mx.controls.TextArea;




      var textArea:TextArea = new TextArea;

      textArea.text =

      "Some Text";

      textArea.height = 100;

      _window = TitleWindow(PopUpManager.createPopUp(

      this, TitleWindow));


      // ------------------------------------------------



      But nothing happens. The PopUp doesn't appear...

      Is there a problem with the "parent" param of the createPopUp() function?


      Thanks !