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    Some Thoughts on Posting to the Adobe Fora

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Just a couple of thoughts on posting to the Adobe fora:


      1.) As has been suggested, please list all system and Project details. I won’t belabor this, though it still appears that some do not get it. Now, when you are tagging onto a post, about a specific problem, just saying "hey, I’ve got the same problem... " is not good enough. Do you? Do you really have the same exact problem, or one that is similar? Ask yourself a few questions: is my Project, or my system exactly like the OP’s? Have I tried all of the suggestions in the earlier part of this thread? Which ones did not work? Now is your opportunity to post the details of YOUR system and YOUR Project. Please take the time to do so.


      2.) You have posted about your problem and gotten a solution, or a workaround. That is great, but please post what worked for you, and also what did not. This will help others at some time.


      3.) In the situation above, you got your answer to, say "How do I Export to AVI?" Great. Now you have another problem. Please start a new thread for that one. Why? Well, I can think of two very good reasons. Let’s say that now your problem is regarding some aspect of your Audio. You need a solution to that. Most folk will see the title of your first post and it’ll be about a problem with "Export to AVI." Whether they remember that that issue was solved, or not, they are not likely to think that now the issue involves Audio. Heck, they could be an expert sound engineer/designer and may have the answer readily available for you. They may not know, or care a thing about "Export to AVI," so they never open that old thread. Think down the line. You do get an answer to your Audio question, and six months from now, another user has the same exact question. Are they likely to look in a thread on "Export to AVI?" I highly doubt it. Until the Search function is improved in these fora, help them out. Make it easy to find discussion on the problem. That is another reason to title your post appropriately. As has been said before, "Help-p-p I Have a Deadline," is not a good title. "Problem with Export to AVI" is a much better title. Posting with "Problem with Audio Getting Lost," would help others, with Audio issues. You can be creative, but first be helpful. It’s like the cover on a magazine. If you cannot get the attention from prospective buyers, you will not sell many magazines. The users here, are those potential "buyers," except that they have your answer in their pockets. Make them WANT to read your article and possibly solve your problem.


      Remember, your problem might well be shared by many others. Make it easy for them to find your article later, especially if you did your part, and posted back on the success, or failure, of the suggested "fixes."


      Last, when a user posts links in reply to your problem. Look at them carefully. It is not too much work for you to do. Please report which of the methods/techniques that were in those links worked, or did not work. To try one suggestion, out of a dozen, and then say, "nothing worked," is not good enough. Which one(s) did not work?


      Last, there really is no Adobe presence on these fora. Everyone is a "user," like yourself. Everyone is trying to share their knowledge and their experiences to solve your problem. Be kind to them, and respectful that they have taken the time respond in an attempt to help you. If a suggestion does not work in your case, thank them, and explain why/how it did not work. If they make a suggestion and you feel strongly that they have missed something, point that out gently. If you feel that their suggestion will not work, because you just KNOW that your issue is NOT system, Asset or hardware related - try it and report back.


      These do not even scratch the surface of things to do, and not to do. They are but some thoughts, and the reasons behind those thoughts.