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    How to Build a Preloader for Flash CS4 and Actionscript 3.0

    mlrenko Level 1

      With the wonderful help of many people on this site, I have successfully buit a nice website using Flash CS4.  I am wanting to deploy the site this weekend and I'm working on the finishing touches.  I would like to add a preloader so that the viewer will have everything loaded when the action starts.  Can anyone suggest a good tutorial that shows how to make the simple "rotary lines" that are so popular?  I've seen these and they look to be about an inch across and move like the hands of a clock.  I think it may even say "Loading..." or similar.  Since I'm still learning quite a bit, I did not know if Flash actually offers some "preloaded" tools for stuff like this?  Or am I better off going to Lynda.com and taking a tutorial?  Thanks for the help!