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    How to search this forum

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      Sorry about the lamer off topic question... I wasn't sure where to ask it but this forum is where I need answers from so trying here first.


      I've been on these forums for several yrs... through several migrations of the forums... In the current format I see no way to search  a specific forum.


      When logged into Premier forum  The `search forums' box (notice it says `forums') does not appear to restrict my search to the Premier forum.


      Seaching on `Move projects'  I get all kinds of guff from Encore and other forums with only a few apparently from Premier. In fact the whole first page of hits had nothing whatever from premierCS4... and only 1 from premierCS3.


      Have we lost the ability to search specific forums?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You need to go to the advanced search and then laboriously select Premiere from the endless list of forums.


          Doing that, you can only guess that the assignment in designing these new forums was:


          Make it as hard as possible for users to find anything if you want to keep your job.


          By the rumors, not everybody on this project was successful. There are still some crumbs to be found.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Have we lost the ability to search specific forums?


            Almost. If you can, it will likely not be without additional work. Now, a few new features do add functionality, but in general, I completely agree with Harm. In reply to your post on the Help files, I alluded to this very problem.


            Google is of little use now, as most of the articles referenced in the Seaches there yield dead links. That might imporve, but has not, so far.


            You are not alone in your feelings on this. I fight it each and every day.