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    Problem in getting PSE7 slides to PE3



      this is my fist contact to the 'adobe forums'.


      I've bought me a PC system last year which came together with photoshop elements 5.0 and premiere elements 3.0.

      I've upgraded to photoshop elemens 7.0 in the meantime, leaving the PSE5 programm still on the PC. Because not all cataloges are upgrades yet.

      So, after getting used to PSE7, I'm now into exploring premiere elements 3.0.

      At the end, I want to import 3 - 4 slideshows in a DVD, together with 1 short video.

      Either the slides or the complete slide shows shall come from PSE7.


      So as a first step, I tried to open the catalog from PSE7.

      To do so, I used the function "Datei>Medien abrufen von> Adobe Photoshop Elements". I assume in English the way is "files>call media from>adobe photoshop elements" or similar.

      I don't get any chance to lauch PSE7. Instead always the previous version PSE5 is launched.


      Can you help me out there? How can I convince PE3 to use PSE7 instead of PSE5?


      Thank you very much in advance!


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          First - welcome to the Adobe PE forum.


          Next - I'm not sure that you can. PE & its corresponding version (version numbers did not match directly until PE/PSE7) of PSE are designed to work together. They link well together, so long as they are the same version. It happens pretty much the same with PrPro CS3-4 and Encore2, the Adobe authoring app. If one uses the corresponding version of Encore, then they have links. If not, then they have to do things the "old fashioned way."


          In your case, I believe that all you will loose is the linking. If you produce your Slideshow in PSE7, you can Export that - believe that you will want .WMV. That file can then be manually Imported into PE3. I would *guess* that you can still use the "Break Apart" function to get in and do more editing, but am not certain of this. Someone else will need to confirm this for you.


          Good luck,



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            manfred20 Level 1

            Well, thank you so much for the quick reply.

            There... if I think about our 'Service IT' line in our company..


            I can open the slideshow project in PSE7 and export the show to PE. That works ...ssslowly.

            The format is neither shown as WMV nor as PDF file, it just says 'export to premiere elements'. But it works.

            Well, since I'm based in Germany, the format to choose is PAL. Which I preselected in PS.


            If I click in PSE7 on a WMV movie, I can drag that to PE as well - but I get an application crash of PE.

            That's reproducable. Obviously not an option - my timeline simply does not allow heavy deep digging.


            What really is not nice, is the memory appetite both applicatinons develop. The memory stays allocated, even after I closed PSE7 when the export is done. It says 95% usage on the monitor and every action in PE is very 'slugish'. Might have to do with my inexperienced approach.


            But so far it's ok for the first start and not having done a lot or reading inside the help manual (that's about the only documentation I've got so far).

            Once again, thank's for your help.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              There are two good books on PE available (not sure if they are US-only, or not). Both were authored by Steve Grisetti, who you will see on this forum. The first is Premiere Elements 2 In a Snap (co-authored by Chuck Engles) and the second is his The Muvipix Guide to Adobe Premiere Elements 7. The first book, though originally targeted to PE2, has most of the later versions covered, with the exception of some GUI changes in PE4. The second book is aimed at PE7, but much of the material applies to all versions, with some interpolation. I believe that both books are directly available from Muvipix. I do not know about international shipping though.


              I would also suggest taking a look at the "Community" (basically the fora) at Muvipix, as many folk there have most versions of PE and PSE covered and use them together. You do not need to subscribe to post to/read from the fora. What a subscription does get you is a wealth of Functional Content and other resources. One poster in particular, BarbO, teaches classes with both PE and PSE. She is one of the most knowledgable on the subject of SlideShows between the two programs.


              As I create all of my SlideShows in PrPro from images processed in Photoshop, I have a very limited understanding of the interface between PE and PSE. Others here can offer you far more input, than I can.


              If you have a moment, please follow the second "Muvipix" link (first is to the books), and look at the "Community" boards. Especially in the PSE board, look for posts by BarbO. I'd actually ask there, and reference this article, plus the fact that your end result will be going into PE.


              Good luck,



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                manfred20 Level 1

                Again many thanks to you.


                It looks to me that in order to get the most out of a product one should read up first and then try.

                Wisdom, ages old...


                I'll sure follow the mentioned links and browse around to gather information.

                The first step I think is to learn by yourself and getting informed before anoyin other forum members with question that are answerded inside the help guids.




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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  The first step I think is to learn by yourself and getting informed before annoying other forum members with question that are answerded inside the help guides.




                  While I am a very big believer in reading everything possible, and then studying the Help files, you do not need to worry about annoying anyone here, or at Muvipix. Yes, there are some fora, where the "members" feel that an advanced degree in videography and NLE work is a pre-requisite for asking any question, that is not the case here, or at Muvipix.


                  Though I do have many years of experience in cine editing, and have used a version of Premiere for about four years, I still have to ask some of the most basic questions, regarding PElements. The members here tolerate my questions nicely, and gently point me to the answers. I respect them for their patience. I often learn something new, even from the most basic of questions.


                  Happy editing, and do not ever hesitate to post any question/problem that you have.


                  Good luck,



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                    manfred20 Level 1

                    Hi Hunt,


                    I just received this eMail form you and I'm a little bit puzzled about the

                    first paragraph.

                    Is that meant to be an 'ironic quote' or for real?

                    Because I'm not a native speaker in English, therefore I'm not so firm in

                    meanings between lines.

                    I surely don't want to annoy anybody and for programming or learning tools,

                    I'm a guy from old school who truly believes in reading up a manual

                    firsthand and ask only if you get stuck despite the built in help offered.


                    I sincerely hope I didn't annoy/offence anybody.



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Don't worry about finding any irony in Hunt's post, Manfred.


                      He spends at least as much time on this forum as I do, helping people out. And, if he says it's his pleasure to help you, he means it!

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9


                        I would never have known that English is not your first language. Now, I am from the state of Mississippi, in the US. For me, English is also a "second language!" [Grin]


                        Basically, I was saying that your questions were good ones. I enjoyed working with your on them, and that you are welcome to post any question here, or on the Muvipix site "Community." The people on this forum, and especially that one (Muvipix), are here to help others. Actually, we enjoy it a great deal and usually also learn something in the process. As none of us an employee of Adobe, we this for free, and out of a strong desire to help other users get the most from their NLE programs, and also enjoyment from their accomplishments, usually their finished Projects.


                        There is nothing "between the lines of my post," at least nothing intended. Now, I do try to interject a bit of humor, from time to time, but almost always aim it at myself - unless I know the other person well enough to sling a "barb" at them. Even then, I keep it very, very light. The printed word, especially in a venue, like these fora, misses too many nuances, that would be evident, were the people conversing face-to-face. That can create miscommunication sometimes. This must have been one of those times. I apologize for any misunderstanding. I'm not much of a user of "smilies," or "emoticons," and usually just insert a "[Grin]" comment, if I even think the content of my message might be misconstrued. (See above)


                        Back to your previous post, where you were concerned that you might annoy anyone here - my comments were to assure you that you never would annoy anyone here. Your posts have been great ones. While I hope that you do not encounter any problems, please post again, should you have any questions. You’re more than welcome. Any questions that you might have are more than welcome. Matter of fact, we enjoy answering questions, or we would not spend time here. Let me try another way, "Willkommen - Begrüßung!" I hope that I did not get that wrong. If so, please feel free to correct me.


                        Sorry for any confusion,




                        PS my main motivation for being in this forum is to learn about PE. I use its "big-brother" PrPro quite a bit, but PE is still new to me, and is different in many ways. Next, my intent is to offer help to others, who are also here to learn, though most of MY help is in more general terms, and is far less specific to PE. Even when I post an answer to a question, based on my knowledge of NLE work, I usually learn something about how PE does it, in return. That is what I love about the fora.

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                          Barb__O Level 4

                          Manfred, I hope that you are still reading this thread.  I will try to help.


                          Adobe markets PSE7 and Premiere Elements 7 together.  Any statements from Adobe that I have seen have said that is how they supoort all functions of sending the slide show from Photoshop Elements to Premiere Elements.


                          "At the end, I want to import 3 - 4 slideshows in a DVD, together with 1 short video.

                          Either the slides or the complete slide shows shall come from PSE7."


                          1 - The interface of Send Slideshow from PSE 7 to PE3 does not work.

                          All posts I have seen on multiple forums say that people who have attempted to use the Send Slideshow command to send a slide show from Photoshop Elements 7 to Premiere Elements 3 for additional editing in PE 3 have failed.


                          2- However, writing a WMV file from the PSE 7 slide show creation process and then opening PE 3 and adding that WMV file to the PE 3 timeline should work. The slide show will be a video file to PE 3 so you can no longer edit individual slides. However, you should be able to combine mulitple slide shows that you had saved as multiple WMV video files and then add your video files on the Premiere Elements 3 timeline.


                          I suggest that you post


                          -- in the PSE 7 slide show creation process for writing the WMv file, did you choose Output parameters

                          Save as a File and a Slide Size of DVD - PAL (720x576)  if you are in a country that has PAL format TV?


                          -- in PE 3, what is the Project Setting for the PE 3 project to which you are attempting to add the WMV file ?

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                            manfred20 Level 1

                            Hello Barb__O,


                            thank's for your tipps.


                            I wonder, I have exported Slides from PSE7 to PE successfully. I used the

                            command "An Premiere Elements senden" inside the file menu. I assume that's

                            the point 1 you are mentioning. So at my site that works. For me though a

                            preset of one time for all frames and one time for all blending is not

                            sufficient. And you have to preset that as project parameters beforehand...


                            No, what originally puzzled me was the somehow 'hardwired' connection from

                            PE3 to PSE5 on my system. My PC came with both installed, and I later

                            upgraded to PSE7. The old installation is still on the system.


                            I tried to use the command "Medien abrufen von > Adobe Photoshop Elements"

                            inside the file menu, PE3 stubbornly calls PSE5. The English command

                            equivalence should be written something like "get media from > Adobe

                            photoshop elements"... This very function stubbornly calls up my previous

                            (still installed) PSE version 5.0.


                            I was looking around for help as how to convince PE3 to call up PSE7. It's

                            just not documented in the help files.


                            As for the imports itself:

                            I did some tryouts (thanks to RW-DVD's no issue) and figured out that there

                            are several ways. Not to mention, I got useful help form this forum already!


                            The best (=sharpest) results I get by importing the PSD slides into PE3 and

                            let PE3 do the resizing. However to assemble a slideshow with panning and

                            sound-synchronized slide changes I can do very much easier in PSE7.

                            The output in 1024x768 as WMV file is not as sharp as the slides, but the

                            time saving is worth the sacrifice.

                            On my TV there's no difference if I use 720x576 or 1024x768 format. I

                            rescale the clip to the frame, and there's no noticeable difference. But the

                            larger size gives me some additional material if I want to zoom inside the



                            To sum it up, I think I'll stick the WMV-file approach and to the slideshow

                            editing in PSE7. It's for me the quickest solution.


                            The PE project settings are the preset PAL (4:3) ones. No widescreen.


                            And yes, I can start multiple slideshows on one DVD, using the menu

                            templates. I still didn't solve every puzzles by creating my own menus, but

                            that's ok. I got what I need and as I progress, the menus will become more



                            Again, thank you for the reply.