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    Optimum program and scratch disk setup


      Hi - I am about to upgrade to Premiere Elements 7 (from 2.0) to accomodate AVCHD from a new camcorder. I also just put together a new eSATA RAID array with 2 10k RPM disks cannablized from another machine. My question is what is the best place to load program and define scratch disks. System description is:


      Vista OS on C: drive, 230GB 7200 RPM SATA, quad core processor

      E: drive 7200 RPM SATA, 250 GB - this one is basically empty now

      L: drive 2x 10k RPM eSATA 138GB total, in a striped RAID config


      Currently I have Premiere ELements 2.0 and Photoshop CS2 on C: drive with L: = first scratch for photoshop and E: as secondary scratch drive.

      I'm pretty sure I want the fast RAID drive for scratch in any case, but would it be better to load the programs onto the E: drive and use C: as secondary scratch? Or would it in fact be better to put the programs on the fastest RAID drive L: and use E: and C: as primary and secondary scratch drives?


      If there's any point in defining even more scratch disks I have a 320G striped RAID made from 4 80GB 7200 RPM drives on another computer (IEEE1394 connecting that drive to the other computer), via wired ethernet, and will soon also have a NAS box on the network in a mirrored RAID for backup storage. But I'm thinking the local drives on the main computer above should be adequate for good performance editng video and photo.