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    Soft Focus / Diffusion Filters?

    Derek Sipple

      I've recently moved from Premiere 2.0 with matrox to CS4 on a 64bit Vista system. I used to use the heck out of the Soft Focus filter in Matrox and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of similar plug-ins that are supported in a 64-bit environment. I'd like for them to plug right into Premiere but After Effects would be acceptable as well. I know of Tinderbox3's diffusion filter but it's a bit out of my price range and Magic Bullet's set doesn't appear to work in 64-bit. Thanks to anyone that can help out!



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          Colin Brougham Level 6



          There isn't a specific soft focus or diffusion filter that ships with PPro, but you can roll your own effect, and even save an effect preset that combines all the necessary filters to make it easy to reapply later on. I did just that, and uploaded the preset in a Zip file; grab it right here. Import the preset, and apply it, and you'll see how it works.


          The Brightness and Contrast filter is off to start with; tweak the other parameters and then turn it on and adjust it if you need to correct the exposure of the composited final shot.


          The Fast Blur applies the diffusion; you can adjust its value to taste.


          The Compound Arithmetic filter is what does the magic. What it does is composite an original copy of the clip in Screen mode onto the blurred clip (and potential the B&C filter, if you use it). You can also try Add mode or Copy; I just happen to like the Screen look. Adjust the "Blend with Original" parameter to change the amount of the diffusion.


          If you tweak it to a look you like, or something that works better with your footage, Ctrl+click the effects and select "Save Preset" from the flyout menu. That way, you can easily reapply it to other clips in your project, or in a later project.


          Hope that helps!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Whether it meets the OP's needs, that is a great technique and many thanks for sharing it.



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              joshtownsend Level 2

              Download the latest MB Looks version it works with vista 64 now. Came out a month ago.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                I second Josh's recomendation for Magic Bullet Looks.  It ain't cheap, but I seriously question the professionalism of anyone who produces in Premiere without it.  This is one must have plug-in.