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    The sound stopped playback in my Project (Premiere Pro CS4)


      Good day to all,

           For days now, I've been working on a home video for my youngest daughter, importing all the clips from my Sony HandyCam DCR-SR45. All I did so far was import (no editing yet). On my timeline and preview screen, I had sound (up to 2 days ago), I opened my project and no Sound Playsback. I did some troubleshooting, such as; checking sound drivers, checking if my speakers were turned on, create new project and try importing again, and moving my videos to a diffrerent location and trying to re-link them, but Nothing worked. I have video but NO Sound. I also, imported a sound effect wav file and that DID Play Sound.


      When I open my clips on any other software like, VLC Player  and Windows Media Players. The sound and video, work great. The problem is only in my Premiere Pro software.


      I need your help? I don't know what else to try?