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    "Source Not Found" FlexBuilder/Coldfusion

      I have Coldfusion 8 setup that is functional on a remote test server. FlexBuilder 3 is on my computer.

      I have setup RDP and the debug server settings per the documentation.

      However, whenever an error occurs the source cannot be found.

      For the "eclipse path" under the configuration I have the driver letter that is mapped to the development server's wwwroot. Coldfusion path is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\.

      Furthermore, if I then select the "edit source lookup path" button, and add the mapped drive as a "file system directory", it won't save to the list! Once i've hit the final ok and go back in, the listing is gone. I'm assuming these are two different issues, but they are both causing the same symptoms!

      What can I do to find out why this isn't working, or even better anyone have a solution?