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    My Flash Woes


      Flash is one of the few programmes that is driving me insane. Okay, fair enough i'm a beginner so i'm gonna get stuck on things, but some of the things Flash isn't let me do is ridiculous. I'll draw a picture on one layer, try and move it and it takes every other bloody layer with it aswell? It's like it's thrown the photoshop rules out of the window. Anyway, my problem at the moment is, i'm trying to make a bike go to one side of the picture to the other. I've done all the steps, 1. Made it a symbol 2. selected the key frames 3. Created animation tween Yet whenever i go to test movie, the lovely background that i've drawn turns to white? and only the bike is visible? Yet i thought if i had drawn the bike on the same layer as i did the background, it would take the background too, thus ruining the animation?


      I can't do anything right, it's CS3 btw. Any help would be appreciated, i'm not usually this grumpy.