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    Injecting 9.1.1.msp into 9.1.msi




      I have successfully injected the 9.1.1.msp patch into my old AcroRead.msi(9.1) file that got installed  through group policy.  The problem I am having is on a machine with 9.1 on it, ill click on the new AcroRead.msi(9.1.1) and it gives me an error:


      Another version of this product is already installed.

      Installation of this v cannot continue. To

      configure or remove the existing version of this product,

      use Add/Remove Programs on the control panel.



      But when I uninstall the 9.1 install and click on the new AcroRead.msi(9.1.1) it will install fine.  Is there something I need to do different or did I do something wrong.  Do I need to go into group policy and redeploy the AcroRead.msi install package?


      If you need anymore information please let me know.