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    Why does it takes minutes to process print job


      Good afternoon guys.


      I am an IT Lead Technician working for a global company. Over the last 6 months I have seen examples of extremely slow print job processing, on Adobe Reader platforms. We use a standardized hardware / software platform worldwide and yet it seems very inconsistent, which users experience these problems. The user will try to print either by 'CTRL + P', 'File - Print...' or by hitting the print button. As always the processing bar appears but it appears almost frozen for literarily minutes, before it suddenly processes the print job. I have been monitoring the local print queue and as expected nothing reach the queue before Reader is done processing, at which point the process moves through the print queue, to the print server and completes at the printer almost instantly. No job fail, they just all takes forever. Why does this happen?


      We’re a strict Microsoft organization and we’re currently running Windows XP pro on the client side and Server 2003 on the server side.


      PDF document size doesn’t seem matter in this case; a user with this problem will experience it even with the smallest pdf files.