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    Printing in Flash

    BrianStapleton Level 1

      Ahoy there Adobe forum!

      I've a good understanding of flash but not so good when it comes to actionscript. At the moment I'm trying to build a flash site with a print button which will target specific areas of my site (including the contents of a scrollpane) and then fit them to the size of the page. I've spent a long time trying to get this to work, following different tutorials and Googling until my eyes went blurry, with very little success. The deadline approaches and I am getting desperate. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve all of these requirements? Ideally I would love some magical component like videoMaru but that may be a tall order! If someone could please point me in the direction of a decent tutorial or even give me a few quick tips, I would be eternally grateful. I am publishing my swfs for Flash Player 8 with ActionScript 2.


      Many thanks,