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    CINEFORM workflow idea suggestion for redigitizing footage

    Frédéric Leclair Level 1



      When I started editing my feature I digitized my footage from tape using AspectHD v5 LOW to save HD space.


      Having been misinformed at the time I thought I could just transcode to HIGH the footage used in the final edit.


      I recently found out that I won't have upgrade if I transcode from LOW to HIGH from file and I need to redigitize from tape to get HIGH.


      Since, HDlink didn't register the original tape Timecode while digitizing and just created a new one with 00;00;00;00 at the start of tape,

      it scene cuted into clips. I didn't bother about that because I didn't paln to go back to tape and had backup of every medias file in case of crash or corruption of files.


      Now I'm looking for a way to redigitize in HIGH from tape and having file that match. I plan to use ProspectHD to have 10-bit quality as well.


      I got a few questions and possible worflow I'd be open on ideas to implement.


      If I redigitize every tape in scene detect and then trash clips I don't require to only keep HIGH file of media used in final edit; since there always a slip of a few fram in between scenes, would scene detect cut exactly as it did on first digitizing session?


      Could I batch capture in anyway possible? At least use batch capture per tape?

      Can I create a batch capture log starting from a list of file (like if I create an excell document of clip used with an EDL) ?


      Did ProspectHD implement cameras ?  I interacted with a SONY camera that AspectHD didn't reconize.


      I guess that I'll have to relink footage manualy in project file after ?


      Any other possible avenue I could take that would minimize pain of switching medias?

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          Frédéric Leclair Level 1

          ProspectHD and AspectHD don't digitize clips in with same lenght using HDLINK, so I can't just redigitize tapes and just replace clips with new ones...


          The only thing I see I could do is to create a timeline synch aspecthd clips take per take to Prospecthd clips and render out a new propecthd clip with the same lenght and synched as aspecthd clips, and do this for all the takes used in my final edit.


          That promess to be a long and tedious road, but the only one I found so far...


          Any ideas or suggestion to do this would be welcomed ?