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    Rendering problem in CS4 trial mode


      I have a 38 minute project with jpg and title screens in it. It also music and transitions. When I rendered the first time, the transitions didn't work. I read on these forums that if you rendered and the transitions didn't work, to add an opacity keyframe to the picture. I did that, and then tried to render again, but had no luck.


      So now I've deleted all the keyframes and the transitions. I'm on deadline so I just need to get this thing off the computer. Now when I render, it will stop midway through and the program will say it's "not responding". The only way to get rid of this is to close out of the program and open it back again.


      What am I not thinking of? I have Windows Vista, plenty of RAM and plenty of hard drive space.


      I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thanks