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    To continue working you left off, please restart Audition


      Hi i am dj.

      First of all sorry if some body solve this problem before.

      today i got this message on my screen

      and i search here and there but no solution found.


      "To continue working you left off, please restart Audition"


      I was worried but after some search i got the solution.

      May be this problem could not same in your computer but i want to share with you all.

      Today i download codecs pack for some video and install after intallation i got this problem with adobe audition 3.0

      The codecs file name is MatroskaPack_Full_1.1.2

      I uninstall this Matroska codecs and my adobe audition 3.0 working same like before in windows xp.

      If you have the same problem you can fix this problem easly.



      Sorry for my bad english