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    Chatlike function to Photoshop?


      As a longtime user of Photoshop, there is something that I really, really wish Adobe would do.



      And that is adding some sort of realtime chat function to Photoshop. Does anyone remember and or use openCanvas 1.1? It has a feature where you can host or join a 'room' hosted by a friend and can work in realtime with all of oC's features on a canvas with up to 3 other people. This feature has proven to be extremely useful for me and my friends - However, oC 1.1 is simply not powerful enough to accomodate our needs.


      Photoshop however, is. But there's no function like this available and makes collaboration processes very difficult and hard to get together.



      It would be awesome if Photoshop had this feature and could support more than 4 people to one canvas, maybe even have private servers that allocate space temporarily for a chat session - where brushes/clipart/font files/other resources could be stored during the session, and autodeleted afterwards. (Maybe have an option where you could 'save' the session and server space for when the group decides to go and continue/finish the collaboration.)




      Maybe my hope is a little over the top, but such an option would be extremely, extremely, extremely useful to me and others. I dunno, what do you guys think?