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    Flash site with Back Button and Favorites enabled


      I've search everywhere I can think and can't find the answer I need.


      I want the user to be able to bookmark or use a back button in internet explorer or any internet browser on a 100% flash-based site.


      For Example: http://www.mountaindewgamefuel.com/


      When you click on any of the link on the top menu, you will be re-directed to http://www.mountaindewgamefuel.com/#/signin if you're not signed in, but you stay on the same page, just the flash changes.


      And if you type something in the url after the /#/, like adobe: http://www.mountaindewgamefuel.com/#/adobe


      It goes and plays the transisiton and goes to a blank window with section.name as the title of that window, since "adobe" doesn't exsist.


      So my question is, How do I make this work Like Pepsi did? Thanks.