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    how to convert and optimise this 3d as3 script for flex3


      i came across this script which does this and wanted to use it in a flex application as a full width strip on the intro page, but being a novice to both as3 and Flex3 i am overwhelmed with problems. it seems the script has performance issues when i stretch the width across the screen (cpu usage shoots up to max) and would like to know if it can be optimized sufficiently as to be usable. is there a way that the rendering can be done on only the rectangle that i need? right now its rendering a huge area that is not entirely visible. is there a way i can reduce the detail and pass it through a blur filter to improve performance. or is there a way i can render a smaller area and stretch it to 100% width? (right now when i stretch it it renders a larger area and thereby slows down) can copyPixel be used in a way so that the entire Graphics object doesn't need to be rendered. i am sorry to be shooting random ideas i don't have a clue about in the hope they might serve as pointers to more knowledgeable programmers. as of now i haven't even managed to convert the code to Flex and am using the swfLoader, does that affect performance? (still struggling with the basics of as3 and its classes and just can't get my head around events!!) Thank you for reading, i would be grateful for any answers or help.