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    Logging multiple server requests?

    Mike8086 Level 1

      We will have a "log server" that will receive data from various webservers.


      The purpose is to store every event that takes place on the "log server".


      A user clicks on a picture, we send a data record containing the picture name, picture owner, and other data, to the "log server", that stores the info in a database.  Later, another program will come along and collect the data to generate reports.


      My question is, what is the best way to go about this in Coldfusion?  I'm looking for the most efficient way with least loss of data.  And any pitfalls that others have had implementing a similar design.


      Right now we're looking at creating a Web Service that is a template that waits for HTTP post operations and records them in a database.


      Is there a better way?


      Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!


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          mack_ Level 3

          In my opinion web services are overkill in this situation. Just create

          a simple cfm page that receives it's parameters via URL or FORM,

          validates those parameters and saves the log entry to the database. A

          simple HTTP request is lightweight compared to a soap request (both in

          encoding-decoding performance and in length).