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    How would I create an USB Barcode Scanner Listener using Adobe AIR?


      I want to create a USB barcode scanner listener that would read in the scanned barcode, and place the barcode in a field in my AIR App even if the program wasn't focused on that particular field in the App.  If the client was using the application at the time for something else the scan would be buffered in AIR till requested or the AIR App has been idle for x period of time where upon the field would be brought into focus.


      How would I go about this (I'm developing on windows)  Was hoping for a USB solution within AIR but not fussy at all if I have to go outside AIR to solve this problem.  Java, Flex, ActionScript, Flash, C, C++, C#, VB (currently I've developed the rest of the App using Adobe AIR and JavaScript)


      I thought after some research that I could make a Java App (if all else fails) that listens and buffers the input and passes it along using a socket but JUSB doesn't work on Windows properly.


      I'm not stuck on any one particular implementation or idea just want to get development underway so...  Any ideas? or suggestions would be awesome.  I've googled a lot but haven't found any examples or solid suggestions, so any URL pointing to that information would be great too, if you know of a good one, then I'd be able to read up on any suggestion.