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    Gap between Browser and Flash Plugin

      If I start the Actions Script Applicaiton there is a gap between the Frame of the Browser and the Plugin. I need to eliminate this gap because the Flash Plugin shall use the whole size available. It is a white area between the Frame of the browser and the start of the Flash Plugin.
      ( note: I'm not so familiar with acticon Script Programming, because the Application was developed by a college no longer in the com
      pany. )
      Operating System: SuSE Linux
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          This is an html issue, not a Flash issue. Each browser provides a space, or margin, around its content. To push your content flush with the edge of the browser window, you'll have to specify margin="0" and padding="0". This usually covers all browsers. You can specify this in the <body> tag or in the css file for this html document.