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    Calling a style from an XML through Flash


      Ok, so here's the situation.  I want my Flash button to call a URL from an XML that then opens up a AJAX window (like lightbox or multibox) over the page.  So the user clicks on Flash and a AJAX pop up appears.  I've set up the popups, I'm using facebox (which is really nice).  They way the do this is by creating an ID DIV like below:


      <div id="world1div" style="display:none;">
          <p><span id="title">TITLE</span></p><p>


      This will make the pop up say "TITLE" and then "CONTENT".


      Now to call this pop up, the <a> looks like:


      <a href="#world1div" rel="facebox">OPEN POP UP</a>


      So... now I have a Flash that can call to XML and get a URL.  The problem is when I put "#world1div" in the url portion of the XML, it doesn't work.  How do I call this ID from XML?