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    PDF and JPG Color Problem


      Hello everyone,


      I have a problem to set up color settings in my CS 3.


      recently I got a pdf file from my customer which contains artwork to be printed off.

      after saved this pdf as jpg in photshop cs3 the colors became diffrent compare to the orginal pdf (looks like wash out)


      In photoshop I have North American Prepress2 color settings...


      I have tried to open this file in AI with the same color setting like in photoshop and save this artwork as eps or pdf  but there is not too much diffrence, still the colors of the jpg are not the same as pdf....



      Does anyone know how to deal with that problem please....





      Thank you.

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          John Danek Level 4

          So, you're in Acrobat Pro and you're Exporting as .jpg?  Or, are you opening the .pdf in Photoshop and saving as .jpg?  Are you viewing it as an RGB or a CMYK file?  Sounds like a CMYK file.  Check your color settings and select "Black Point Compensation".  Also, in Photoshop, try "Perceptual" as your Rendering Intent.  In Illustrator, use "Black Point Compensation" but, instead of Perceptual. try "Relative Colorimetric" as your vector Rendering Intent.  It's a long shot, but your dot gain setting may be too high ( should be around 20% ).  There are several possibilities in play and too many variables to nail the problem down from here.  I wonder if it may be a view problem, have you done a hard copy proof of the .pdf to see how it prints in all three applications ( Acrobat, Photoshop, and Illustrator )?

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            Presk80 Level 1

            Thank you for your answer John!


            PDF was created in Illustrator CS3(not by me)

            I imported PDF to Photoshop and save as a JPG(using option save for web),(I have sRGB option unselect)

            I tried viewing file as CYMK, RGB...not difference at all after saving as JPG, still there is color difference....


            In Photoshop CS3 I have color setting:


            After your advice


            I re-saved PDF with new settings as you said, the result is better but still colors are a bit different.


            Thank you.

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              Level 4

              Are you preserving the profile of the PDF when you open the file.

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                Presk80 Level 1

                When I open PDF(original one from my customer) in Photoshop, I don't get any warning about a profile... simple choose RGB mode and then

                go to menu edit and assign profile to sRGB IEC.....



                Then save for web option.... still colors in JPG are not the same with PDF...

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                  Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                  Try CONVERTING to a profile, instead of assigning: