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    Getting the user to type a response

      I am designing some educational material for my classes. I just want the user to enter a text - let's say something like one word in a field. How can I do this? Can I control what font size the user is going to use and what colour? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

        • 1. Getting the user to type a response
          Brian Stew Level 2
          Use any type of text field and check the 'Editable' option in the Properties inspector. By double clicking on it in the Cast you can format it in its editor (purple Times 24 pt if you like) - always leave at least a blank before closing it - and it will reatin this format for user input.

          This is a pretty basic question - which is entirely okay! - and as a help in developing this type of applications (i.e. how to fetch the input, what to do with it etc.) I can recommend Gary Rosenzweig's books. Think they're called 'Special edition...' There's no book for the current Director version, but how to do these things haven't changed much anyway. Actually a book of 'how to' like this should be compulsory with any purchase of Director.