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    2-pass settings - MPEG-2 - where is it?


      I want to finish my project on AE (CS4). Everything is ready, want to render as MPEG-2. But I can't see 2-pass ? Just CBR ans VBR 1-Pass. What does it mean VBR 1-Pass? Than I wanted to render it with Adobe Media Encoder. It has 2-pass for Mpeg2. But it's too slow. After effects renders video in 1.5 - 2 hours. Adobe Media Encoder says 12-13 hours left!?!? Why it's too slow? What must I do? How can I render it as Mpeg2 / 2-pass. I installed last update for Adobe Media Encoder.


      XPSp3 - 2 GB ram - Intel E6300 - ATI X1950XT 256mb - Creative X-Fi extreme music.


      Video running time ; approx. 10 minutes / added just color filters etc.