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    default topic for unmapped IDs

      I have been going through my client's application, with BugHunter enabled, and when I find a dialog box that has not yet been mapped in the Map ID file, I add the map ID and the associated topic. But - what if I miss a "buried" dialog box? Currently, a help call (via Help button or F1) results in a "failed to launch help" message if the map ID isn't specifically assigned. The developer, understandably, wants a default topic to appear, instead.

      I have set the "Default Topic" field in the Properties dialog box for the primary layout (HTML Help), but that doesn't seem to work in the case of unmapped IDs. So, the question arises, what IS it for?? and how do I do what the developer wants?

      I eagerly await illucidation and illumination...
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          Hi tw45,

          I just replied to this post with an extensive replay and was told I had "censored words in my post." So it killed it. I'm really curious what those might have been.

          In short, the default topic is the topic that opens when there is no topic reference. In case of a bad topic reference (bad map ID), the help won't be able to open. To avoid this you should be able to get a list of used map numbers from your developer. Open that side by side with your .hh file and look for missing numbers. I like to do this in Excel, so I can sort by number and make it easier.