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    Adobe reader 9.1.1 script - does not seem to work with Xp Sp3 - help


      Hi All


      I have done a script to install Adobe reader 9.1.1 and if version 9 is installed, then it installs the patch.


      @echo off
      if not "%ECHO%"=="" echo %ECHO%
      title ..:: Workstation Software Manager ::..

      echo This program will install Adobe Reader v9.1.1
      echo. & echo You must let this script run to its end,
      echo Any issues, call call "IT Support" on ext xxxx

      echo. & echo Checking for Adobe Reader 9...

      if exist "%PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" (

      echo Adobe Reader 9 installed. Patching to 9.1.1. Installing...

      msiexec /p \\location_of?_patch\AdbeRdrUpd911_all_incr.msp /QN REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=omus

      ) else (
      echo Adobe Reader 9.1.1 not installed, installing...
      MSIEXEC /I \\location_of_msi\AcroRead.msi ALLUSERS=TRUE TRANSFORMS=\\srvmeth17\SIS_Public\IIT\Adobe\Adobe9\AcroRead.mst /QN



      Works fine on all XP Sp2 machines. XP Sp3 machines its failing. Either the batch file script just vanishes or freezes and nothing gets installed.



      Any ideas?