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    Importing word documents - but losing all images which was in it




      I am fairly new to Robohelp and recently got hold of Robohelp 8.


      I have already written a Help File for my company's recent product, and the help file was in word 2007 with a lot of screenshots of icons, buttons and dialog boxes pasted in it.


      On importing the word document to Robohelp, none of these images are being imported and I cannot see any of them in the project view.


      I wanted to use the link to word document feature so that i do not have to keep re-importing the document for any changes made - however, because the images are not being imported, i now have to add them manually to the project.


      1 - this is tiring and very time consuming

      2 - the project files to which i add the pictures are no longer updated from the word document if any of the text changes as the project is preserving the changes i made to the file (which was only adding the image manually). Kind of defeat the purpose of link to the word document.



      I would really appreciate any help in

      1 - How to import a word document containing images (screenshots, icons etc) without losing the images

      2 - Keep the word document to update the project even after i add any images to the project manually.