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    Mac Photoshop CS4 stalls – force quit quits the app, but it remains active in the Dock

    star-affinity Level 1

      Our retouch department is having some issues in Photoshop CS4 11.0.1.

      One of the problems is that Photoshop suddenly just stalls while working (beach ball spins) and it doesn't stop.


      Below are four different samples of Photoshop when in the stalled state:








      When this stall happens, if one tries to force quit Photoshop it ”goes away” from the Activity Monitor, but the icon in the Dock remains active as if the application is still running. After some few minutes (around five maybe) it finally ”gets quit” in the Dock too so it can be relaunched.


      Any ideas on this?


      We run the first version of Mac Pro (2.66 GHz) with the ATI X1900 graphics card.

      Some run 10.5.6 but some have started to move to 10.5.7.

      Some have 5 GB RAM and some have 9 GB RAM.

      All samples above are from a machine running 10.5.6, but I've heard the stall also happened on a 10.5.7 machine.

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