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    Integrating WordPress (or similar) with CF


      HI Everyone,


      Our current web site is controlled by CommonSpot and we are looking at eliminating it altogether.  That being said, a request has been made to revamp the entire web site, but keeping Coldfusion as the primary app server.  Problem is we are looking at pushing WordPress and integrating it with our pages to allow for our technophobic users to keep from having to learn Dreamweaver or HTML.  WordPress is something they are familiar with and are more comfortable using.


      That being said, it is possible to embed WordPress pages within CF aside from using iframes or better method?  My understanding is that using iframes would affect how our page gets indexed by search engines.


      Secondly, are there any known issues having CF, WordPress, PHP and MySQL running on the same box?  I've encountered issues in the past with MySQL and Windows 2003, but I'm not sure if having these additional apps would cause other issues.