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    capture stage in director 11

    whitestar7 Level 1


      I am new to Director 11, and am trying to capture the screen and it's location, previously I was using this, but it doesnt seem to work in director 11

      on exitFrame me

      thanks again.

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          Mark A. Boyd Level 4

          That looks like a method from Kent Kersten's ScrnXtra


          Did you remember to copy your 3rd party Xtras to the D11 application folders?


          Note: I have no idea whether that Xtra is compatible with new versions of Director.


          For this particular purpose, you can use Director's built-in imaging lingo.


          on SomeEvent
             -- Can't test, so I don't know if exitFrame is a good choice
            img = _movie.stage.image
            aMember = _movie.newMember(#bitmap)
            aMember.image = img


          Of course, if you're already certain that you have a bitmap member waiting for a stage capture, give it a name and ...

          on SomeEvent
            member("stageGrab").image = _movie.stage.image


          Refs: image, newMember(), new()


          Mark A. Boyd
          Keep-On-Learnin :-)